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I am bilingual.

What is your superpower?


Why Fun World Language Academy?

We are a team of native speakers of various languages, and our teachers have expertise in teaching in the US and abroad. Through personal experience as parents of bilingual children and via extensive research, we have come to believe that it is highly beneficial for young children to learn a second language earlier than the age offered by most public schools.

Moreover, the goal of our school is to encourage children to continue their language studies until they are fluent by acquiring a solid academic foundation in their chosen language.

We fill the gap between early preschool years and the time when public schools start to offer languages. At Fun World Language Academy, games and activities, a friendly community, and well-prepared environment foster a love of language and a passion for learning.

At Fun World Language Academy,

we bring the brain-building benefits of bilingualism to young children and expand their cultural horizon.

Through high-quality language immersion classes, we increase the new generation’s cultural awareness and foster curiosity about the world as a global community.

We also offer school-wide holidays, celebrations, and events that enhance the understanding and exposure to the many cultures represented in our community.


what we do

Our core focus is providing foreign language classes to children ages three and up. We are a language learning center founded and run by teachers who are native speakers of several different languages. We believe in the importance of acquiring a second language at a young age, and we want to make this process easy and fun, with lasting results. At this time, we offer classes in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Bulgarian, and Arabic.

Fun World Language Academy is also a community-building place, with school-wide cultural enrichment activities and holiday celebrations.

We offer classes in the following three age groups, in all languages: Parent/Child class for three- to four-year-olds, Group 1 for five- to seven-year-olds, and Group 2 for eight- to ten-year-olds. Please note that those are age groups, not levels of proficiency.

In addition, we offer drop-in story times, holiday celebrations, library hours, and drop-in conversation sessions for high school students in the languages taught in their local schools: German, French, and Spanish.

For more details on the different levels, visit our Class Descriptions Page.

Our learning center will soon expand to include many of the other languages spoken in our community of Westford and the surrounding towns. We welcome your suggestions for additional languages to teach and holidays to celebrate. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas.


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Daniela Mrozinski - German and French Teacher

Daniela is a native bilingual German and French speaker who lived in both countries before coming to the US in 2016. She has extensive experience teaching both German and French to children in her native Germany. Here in the US she has taught at the German Saturday School and other similar organizations.

She enjoys working with children of all ages and teaches them not only the language but also the different cultures of each country. Daniela encourages learning by celebrating holidays, singing songs, and playing games. She believes that language is powerful knowledge that shapes the way we think and interact.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and singing.

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sonia graser Cardenas - Spanish Teacher

Sonia is native of Spain who speaks both Spanish and Italian. Prior to arriving in the US two years ago, she worked as an elementary school teacher and a speech language therapist in Spain for nearly 20 years. She has worked for several different schools and participated in innovative educational programs that resulted in award-winning performance of these schools.

As a multilingual person, she believes that speaking many languages enriches the mind and provides better ways to understand our world.


Eleonora Cordovani - Italian teacher

Eleonora is a native Italian speaker. She moved to the US from Italy in 2012, and since then she has been an acting teacher, actress, director, yoga teacher as well as an Italian teacher for children and adults. She likes to use her art and acting skills in her classes, as she believes that learning a foreign language is easier when done with practical, hands on activities. She also uses arts and crafts, songs, and games to make learning fun.

Eleonora has two children (and a third one is on his way!) who are bilingual as well. 

In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, going to the Theater, traveling, any kind of Art, the sun, eating good food, friends!


 Khawla Masoud - Arabic teacher

Khawla is a native speaker of Arabic with over eight years of professional teaching experience both in the US and abroad. She was born and raised in Jordan and worked as a teacher in Saudi Arabia and in the US. She splits her time working for Westford Public schools and teaching Arabic language. Khawla is an innovative and resourceful teacher who encourages an inclusive and adaptable learning atmosphere that truly supports educational development. Khawla prepares students for future challenges and opportunities, entering the classroom with talent, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. She is raising her two children to be bilingual as well. We are fortunate to add her talent to our team.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and reading.

Photo by Polina Kuklina Photography

Photo by Polina Kuklina Photography

Silvia dubinsky - founder, manager.

Silvia is the founder of Fun World Language Academy and is in charge of all things business- and organization-related. She is a native Bulgarian speaker and is raising a bilingual daughter. Silvia has experience with young children through volunteering at her daughter’s school and working in Head Start preschool classrooms as a research assistant. She has a strong interest in the link between bilingualism and brain development in young children.

Silvia has a background in financial services, where she worked for renowned companies for close to 10 years. Before starting a career in financial services, she earned her MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Her hobbies include traveling, and — no surprise — studying foreign languages. She is starting to learn Hebrew, and she knows a bit of Russian, too. She hopes to get closer to fluent in those languages soon.


Why study a foreign language at a young age?

Not only do children to learn a new language faster than adults, but it also enriches and expands their brains. Numerous studies have shown that this faster acquisition is due to the nature of their developing minds. Additionally, there are scientifically demonstrated differences in the brain activity of multilingual children. More regions of the brain are being used, extra neurons are activated, and a special flexibility of thinking sets in. Even if children don’t continue to practice their second language as adults, the benefits they gain from using it at a young age remain.

Fun World Language Academy

Fun World Language Academy

The benefits of being bilingual or multilingual:

  • Increased awareness of different cultures and places. This leads to curiosity and a natural desire to learn more about the world we share.

  • Better development of academic potential. As learning a second language exercises the brain, it makes it more flexible.

  • Increased self-esteem. The ability to have even a simple conversation in another language is a very concrete, easy, and fun way to demonstrate knowledge while also connecting with others.

  • Ability to learn more languages. Learning a language at a young age improves the ability to master additional languages in later years.

The benefits of studying in a group setting versus private lessons at home:

  • Meeting new friends makes it more fun.

  • Children learn from one another, not just the tutor.

  • A sense of community.

  • Increased motivation.

Fun World Language Academy

Fun World Language Academy


Description of classes/Levels

The class descriptions below give a general overview of our process and teaching goals. We offer small groups so that the curriculum can be customized based on the children’s level and interest.


Parent/Child: Ages 3 - 4 (slightly younger or older children may be considered)

The small group immersion classroom experience involves movement, singing, storytelling, and crafts. Parents stay in the classroom with their children.

Class length: 45 minutes.

By the end of this class: Children will be familiar with the words for feelings, colors, animals, common verbs, and numbers.

Work at home: Ideally, children will listen to a story or a song in the target language daily. The teachers may suggest other fun coloring and play activities. These will be recommended, rather than mandatory activities.

Group 1: Ages 5 - 7

 Designed for children with pre-reading/writing and beginning reading/writing ability.

The small group immersion class includes movement, storytelling, singing, and getting familiar with the alphabet. The program includes optional access to weekly story hour meetings led by a native speaker.

Class length: 60 minutes. The length of the session is 19 weeks, and we will observe the same vacation schedule as Westford public schools.

By the end of this class: Children will be familiar with the alphabet and any differences between it and the English language alphabet. They will develop basic vocabulary and be able to introduce themselves, ask questions about feelings, and discuss interests and activities.

Work at home: Teachers will assign 10 to 15 minutes of easy and fun daily language practice at the end of each class.

Fun World Language Academy

Group 2: Ages 8 - 10

Designed for children who can read and write in their native language and can utilize those skills in their new language, both in the classroom and at home. The program includes optional access to weekly story hour meetings led by a native speaker.

Class length: 60 minutes. The length of the session is 19 weeks, and we will observe the same vacation schedule as Westford public schools.

By the end of this class: Children will become more comfortable participating in conversations about daily life and school-related topics. They will also practice writing and reading in the target language.

Teachers will prepare students of this level who are studying German to take the Goethe-Institut level 1 proficiency exam. Sitting for this exam is separate from our course and is optional. The Goethe-Institut may charge fees for the exam. Our German teacher can provide more information to students who are qualified and interested.

Work at home: Daily language practice will be expected; the lengths will vary but will not exceed 15 minutes on most days. Teachers will give additional homework assignments to those interested in passing the proficiency exam. At this time, this only applies to German.

we are working on expanding our age groups and on offering adult language classes.

Please check back often as we keep adding programs and languages. You can always email Silvia for customized class options.