Daniela Mrozinski

German and French Teacher

Daniela is a native bilingual German and French speaker who lived in both countries before coming to the US in 2016. She has extensive experience teaching both German and French to children in her native Germany. Here in the US she has taught at the German Saturday School and other similar organizations.

She enjoys working with children of all ages and teaches them not only the language but also the different cultures of each country. Daniela encourages learning by celebrating holidays, singing songs, and playing games. She believes that language is powerful knowledge that shapes the way we think and interact.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and singing.


Sonia Graser Cardenas

Spanish Teacher

Sonia is native of Spain who speaks both Spanish and Italian. Prior to arriving in the US two years ago, she worked as an elementary school teacher and a speech language therapist in Spain for nearly 20 years. She has worked for several different schools and participated in innovative educational programs that resulted in award-winning performance of these schools.

As a multilingual person, she believes that speaking many languages enriches the mind and provides better ways to understand our world.

Eleonora Cordovani

Italian Teacher

Eleonora is a native Italian speaker. She moved to the US from Italy in 2012, and since then she has been an acting teacher, actress, director, yoga teacher as well as an Italian teacher for children and adults. She likes to use her art and acting skills in her classes, as she believes that learning a foreign language is easier when done with practical, hands on activities. She also uses arts and crafts, songs, and games to make learning fun.

Eleonora has three children who are bilingual as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, going to the Theater, traveling, any kind of Art, the sun, eating good food, friends!

Natallia Lyman

Russian Teacher

Natallia grew up in Belarus with a daily blend of Russian in the home, English in the classroom, Belarusian spoken among friends and Polish TV from across the border. Since moving to the US in 2001, Natallia has taught Russian as a Foreign Language to children and adults, worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis specialist, and conducted research in early literacy intervention. Natallia has a BA in Psychology with an interest in psycholinguistics. As an Educational Services Representative with Usborne Books and More, Natallia has recently been running local story times and taking part in a variety of children’s events and fundraisers.

Being a mom of 3 young children, Natallia is very familiar with the challenges of raising bilingual children in a primarily monolingual society. She is thrilled to be part of the FWLA faculty where she can support and nurture language learners of all ages.


Khawla Masoud

Arabic Teacher

Khawla is a native speaker of Arabic with over eight years of professional teaching experience both in the US and abroad. She was born and raised in Jordan and worked as a teacher in Saudi Arabia and in the US. She splits her time working for Westford Public schools and teaching Arabic language. Khawla is an innovative and resourceful teacher who encourages an inclusive and adaptable learning atmosphere that truly supports educational development. Khawla prepares students for future challenges and opportunities, entering the classroom with talent, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. She is raising her two children to be bilingual as well. We are fortunate to add her talent to our team.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and reading.


Silvia Dubinsky

Founder, Manager

Silvia is the founder of Fun World Language Academy and is in charge of all things business- and organization-related. She is a native Bulgarian speaker and is raising a bilingual daughter. Silvia has experience with young children through volunteering at her daughter’s school and working in Head Start preschool classrooms as a research assistant. She has a strong interest in the link between bilingualism and brain development in young children.

Silvia has a background in financial services, where she worked for renowned companies for close to 10 years. Before starting a career in financial services, she earned her MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Her hobbies include traveling, and — no surprise — studying foreign languages. She is starting to learn Hebrew, and she knows a bit of Russian, too. She hopes to get closer to fluent in those languages soon.