Session 2 of Fall 2019 will begin October 17

Session 1 is underway.

Are you planning that dream European Vacation and want to be able to order pizza like the locals? Are your kids resisting learning your heritage language? We have just the class for each situation. Taught by an enthusiastic native speaker this class will offer a great introduction to Italian presented with the perfect accent, in a fun welcoming environment. Sign up below.

Italian Schedule details:

Beginners L1+L2

This level is ideal for children who are beginners or intermediate level and have very limited or no experience with Italian vocabulary and grammar.

Group 1 L1 (ages 4-7) Thursday 4:15 -5:00 pm

Group 2 L2 (ages 7-11) Thursday 5pm -6pm


Beginners Thursday 6:10 -7:10 pm.

If you feel your age group or level is not listed here - please contact us to discuss other options.

Learn more about our Italian Teacher Mrs. Eleonora Cordovani. To register, please see the registration form at the top of this page.