Hindi classes starting in September 2019

Hindi classes will start again in the first week of September of 2019. Please register below for Fall 2019.

After school Hindi classes for children ages 4 and up on Wednesdays. 6 weeks session for only $150.

Is your child resisting learning your native language? Are they shy using it outside of the home, or at all? Sometimes they are fluent at the age of 3, but then start resisting it at a later age? We have been there with our own kids and we know how to help!

At Fun World Language Academy we offer a gentle immersion program to teach Hindi language in a fun way. Children benefit academically from being bilingual, and socially from having peers to share their second language with.

The young minds are made for learning languages fast, and the connection to their heritage culture is invaluable. Sign them up for Hindi classes now.

Group 1 ages 4-6, Wednesday 4pm - 4:45pm

Group 2 ages 7-10 Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Group 3 ages 11-14 Wednesday 6:15 - 7-15 pm

Classes will begin September 4 2019

Please contact us if you have questions or scheduling concerns.